Sunday Find – Moschino Cheap Chic skirt

MOSCHINO C&C Wool Skirt with Bow

Every season I buy a few key pieces to either replace items I had to get rid of, were mistakes from last season and wound up just cluttering up my closet, or in order to update my wardrobe.

My modus operandi is to surf the net looking for some amazing things and then try to find them in my size, my budget and my liking. Half the fun is searching and finding just the perfect item that is going to fit me amazingly.

Long story short…… I was just surfing the net because one of the things that I do need this season is one or two non-black pencil skirts. I actually was not even looking for one in the above color but I cannot take my eyes off of it. I want it. I really do, but do I really want it for the full price? Probably not. Then again probably yes. So here’s my trick……

When an item is more than I was thinking of spending I usually save it into my Polyvore “closet” and sleep on it. Very often, I sleep on it more than one night. Maybe a few nights. Then I go back and look at it again and check if they still have my size. At that point I usually make a decision. If my size is available and after looking at it one more time I can honestly say that I have looked and not found something that made my heart skip a beat the same way that particular item did — I buy it.

I have saved the above skirt to my Polyvore closet and now it’s time to go sleep on it. Keep my fingers crossed that in the next week or so it will go on sale. If not, and I’m still dreaming about it, I will get it.

Stay tuned. I may be sporting a plum Moschino Pencil Skirt in the next few weeks……. How will I explain not sticking to my budget until the house closing??????? Then again, I may just show a lot of self-restraint and not buy it. Sometimes that happens also….. we all have to wake up sometime and realize that we set budgets for a reason.

What do you think? Isn’t it lovely?


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