It’s a Wrap……. a Furstenberg Wrap, That is

The woman who made the wrap dress famous continues to amaze and impress.  The wrap dress is worn in so many ways and on so many occasions.  I for one wear wrap dresses all the time.  Not only are they comfortable and sexy but they look good on almost any body.

Diane Furstenberg knows women.  She knows women have curves and knows how to accentuate those curves and make them look beautiful.   Nothing does a better job at making women feel beautiful than a DVF dress.  So if you don’t own one yet, may I suggest you make that a priority for 2014?  I promise you will not be disappointed.


Somehow DVF has a way of making modesty and sexy flow perfectly together in the same sentence.  The neckline of this dress is modest enough to enter a board room but at the same time sexy enough to go out to dinner.  I like the combination of the black top with the playfulness of the skirt.


This gold dress caught me by surprise.  Although not something I would wear on a regular day (you can, I’m just not that daring) I could absolutely see myself wearing it out to an evening party.  Perhaps even a dinner.  How about next year’s office holiday party?

Although wrap dresses are her signature, the collection had other amazing styles.  Here is another one of my favorites.  I think I twitted and instagrammed this one.  I thought it was amazing.


A sweater dress.  Who can’t use a sweater dress?  Have you looked outside?  I could live in these all winter.  I do admit that sweater dresses can be a bit difficult to pull off for a woman of a certain age.  However, this one is fitted where it should be and not so much where it shouldn’t be.  I love the neckline too.  Since I’m always cold I could even wear this dress with a turtle neck underneath and I’m sure it would look great.  The length of the skirt makes it wearable at the office and then run to attend the kid’s play at school.

Then there was this piece.


A wrap jumper.  I think I might just add this one to my wish list.  The pattern is playful but not childish.  Even though it’s like wearing a romper it’s still polished and mature.  It’s playful and serious at the sometime and it looks very easy to wear.  Imagine it with a long coat, a very thick scarf and since we’re in the Antarctic …. Ohhh wait… we’re still in New York, just feels like we moved to the Antarctic lately, let’s add a big playful hat and gloves to complete the look.  Wear it with lace up flats or boots and you’re fashionable and warm.

Here’s another one of my favorites from the collection


Feminine, simple and romantic.  This would make a really nice outfit for a wedding or a play.  I really like the stars on the sleeves.  How about we add a pair or gold sandals and perhaps a gold clutch?  Do you think it’s dressy enough for those black tie affairs that we all have to deal with once in a while?

This was a great collection.  I always look forward to DVF at every show and she has never disappointed me.

What are your thoughts?

Makeup – The Natural Look at the Jason Wu Show

Makeup should bring out your best features.  This is the look that Jason Wu’s models wore during his New York Fashion Week Show this past week.

Jason Wu makeup1 JasonWu makeup2 JasonWu Makeup3

The makeup artist, Diane Kendal, from Britain and now based in Brooklyn did an amazing job at “playing” with the natural beauty of the skin.  I find it interesting that Diane doesn’t wear makeup but she sure knows how to apply it.

So, what makeup did Diane use to achieve the above looks?

Lancôme Blush Subtil Palette - Rose Flush at

She dusted a small amount under the cheekbones in on the eyes, just above the lid, that part of your eye right under the brow. She then took the pinker shade and applied it very lightly to the apples of the cheeks for a very natural flushed look…. as she explains it’s a “boy meets girl” type of flush. Diane did apply a little highlighter to the top of the apples of the cheeks. However, for women our age, I find that most highlighters tend to show the lines and all the imperfections on the face. I am still trying to find the “perfect” highlighter for us and when I do you better believe I will be shouting it from above. I love the look on others but cannot make it work on me……. More to come on that…..Promise.

On the lips, Diane did nothing more than a little balm and foundation and violas….. the look was complete. For women our age, I would not recommend that you go ahead and use the foundation trick since with age the color on our lips tends to dissipate so I’m thinking (since I never tried to wear foundation on my lips) it would make us look dead. My thinking is a more muted lipstick color or maybe even a little pink blush with a balm. At our age, we have to get some color on our lips.

There was a lot of emphasis on the brow which was heavy and thick but certainly not like Chanel did in its last collction….. I was not a fan of that look, I have to admit. Diane applied powder in the same color as each of the models’ hair and in order to create a straighter look (turns out brows will be straighter in the fall).

The look is a very natural, no makeup, makeup look which is right up my alley. However, if you are going to try this look you certainly have to make sure your skin is well taken care of because the it will be on display.

What did you think of the look?

pictures of models from in

New York Fashion Week in Review – Misha Nonoo – Another Great Collection

Is it me or this year the designers are very much in synch with the consumers?  Everywhere I turn I am faced with another designer whom I can’t wait to see more of.  There is a grown up feeling about the looks.

Misha Nonoo’s collection is a perfect example of a grown up, very wearable collection for Fall/Winter 2014.  I may have to scout some pieces and make them my own.  First of all, I have always been a sucker for sweaters and this collection was not short on that.  There were sweaters for everyone in every style at every stage in their lives.  There were short sleeve sweaters, long sleeve sweaters and no sleeve sweaters…. hmmm maybe not!!!!

Then there were the pants.  For a woman of a certain age, like myself, pants have to be just so in order for me to be able to wear them.  Let’s be honest, I do not look like a model so I need to conceal more than reveal…. My opinion, nothing wrong with that.  Clothes are meant to be played with and worn appropriately they will conceal flaws and enhance attributes.  I have plenty of attributes but my share of flaws as well.  So as for pants, my favorite in the collection are these




Although there is a masculine overtone to these pants they look amazing when paired with the right feminine blouse and accessories.  You can wear these to the office with a nice cream silk blouse or with …. yep, you guessed it with your favorite cashmere turtleneck or sweater.  Top it all off with a long silver or gold necklace a nice masculine watch and you’re good to go.

Then there was also that very nice pants suit.  I’m almost as crazy about pants suits as I am about sweaters.  First of all, they are easy to wear and leave no guessing work for one who has to get up in the morning as early as I do.



Maybe at the office I would leave the fur off but I would absolutely put it on for dinner after work.  Although I tend to shy away from pants that cling as tight to the body as these do, because of the hip length blazer, these are totally wearable.   Again, the coat will conceal what needs to be concealed and will help accentuate that which can and should be accentuated.

Other favorite looks were these:



and this one



The turtleneck…. who can resist?

Out of the ordinary were these pieces.  Although I find them beautiful in theory, these are looks that I would not be able to wear but who am I to discourage the more daring woman of a certain age to pull this off.






Zac Posen Stole my Heart – Zac Posen at New York Fashion Week

If I didn’t love him before I love him now.  What an amazing collection.  Totally up my alley…… Ok, this is where I feel a little older than my other blogger friends.  I am a sucker for any thing Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Fred Astaire.  I really like being a woman.

Zac Posen

Zac Posen’s collection hit all the right notes with me….. Well, ok, I have to say that I was not in love with the makeup.  What’s going on with the eyes on the models?  I’m not sure I’m a fan.  But I’m going to forget about the makeup for this one very small moment and concentrate on the artistry of the clothes.  This man is a genius.

Zac Posen1

What an amazing suit.  Who wouldn’t feel powerful walking into a meeting wearing this suit?  Even the color exudes confidence.  I could not keep my eyes off the jacket.  Look at how it accentuates the waist.  This is amazing work.  The length of the skirt is short enough to show some leg but just above the knee is the perfect length to still be professional.  And I’m so glad to see that Zac is bringing back the stockings.  I know…….. not many people feel that way.  I happen to think that there is a time and a place for everything and some suits do not look complete without a pair of stockings.

Zac Posen2

Love this coat.  This is amazingly similar to a coat that Audrey Hepburn wore in one of her movies. I’m not sure which one.  I think hers was pink.  I like the little collar and the width of the sleeves…. the only complaint about the sleeves is when your purse does not fit over them.  That can be a total pain but one I can live with I’m sure.  Just get me this coat.

Zac Posen3

Ok, this dress is a total throw back to the starlet era.  There is no way my boobs would ever look like that…. well, not without some surgery but that’s why we have push ups after all.  There are no imperfections here.  What more can one say?  Yes, please….. I’ll take one of those too??????

Zac Posen4

And this last dress …… I have no words.  I don’t think I have any place to wear something this beautiful but I will be trying my best to think of something.  Maybe there will be some kind of Oscars for bloggers and I can order this dress.  Who knows….. It can happen.  There is so much detail here I can’t stop looking it at.  I think it’s genius the length of the dress in the back balanced by the show of the leg in the front.  The cinching at the waist balanced by the fullness of the skirt makes the waist look thinner, and what woman doesn’t want to have thin waist.

Again, there are the stockings.  The only thing I would add to this dress would be a pair of gloves and I could step right into Roman Holiday and not feel like an outsider from the 21st century.


All photos from

Zimmermann at New York Fashion Week

To me the sign of a good collection is when I feel that I can walk out wearing any of the clothes shown.  This collection did that for me.  There were, there always are, a few pieces that left me scratching my head but overall this collection made me want to see more.  Everything from the makeup, the hair, the accessories and the clothes hit the proverbial nail on the head.

The lips were kissed in dark plums and reds, the hair was short and wearable and the feel of Fall/Winter was abound.  Even the shoes were sensible for the type of Winter we are currently having…. Ohhh wait, I have to wait for next Winter to wear these.  Ugh!!!! does this mean I have to wish for next Winter?  The models wore thick black socks and low heel lace-up shoes.  No more trying to figure out how to navigate the snowy, slushy mess in a pair of heels.

Looking through the collection I get a sense of an era past but it last only a brief moment because of the newness of it.  It’s a fresh look at the late eighties (minus the neon colors and headbands) maybe even the nineties.  It’s what those eras should have looked like.  A new interpretation.  My favorite piece in the collection has to be this one


It’s Rock-N-Roll meets Goth meets a romance novel

Then there is this one.


and this one


I know, I know… how many times have we been told that short skirts should not be worn by women of a certain age?  I think I even said that at one point.  That’s just because I hate my knees.  However, if you have the legs to wear this I don’t think it’s a bad representation for a woman of any age.  It’s slouchy, which makes it wearable and does not make the wearer look like a woman of the night and with the right accessories it can go from day to evening.  I probably would not leave my legs exposed (the knee thing again) but with a pair of flat lace-ups or maybe even tights and boots this would be great….. I think this is going in my wish list already.

Then there are the coats.  Who doesn’t want coats.  Gosh, just looking outside makes me feel like I need one right now.  This one was my most favorite of the collection, although there were others.


It’s classic houndstooth.  It’ll go with anything in your wardrobe and it can be worn during the week while you’re wearing your business suits but it will look just as amazing with a pair of ripped jeans and a turtle neck (again the turtle neck).  I didn’t see it in person, see my post here about hibernation, but just looking at the photo it looks amazingly warm.  I wouldn’t mind waiting for the train outside.

Zimmermann, really makes it look easy.  This collection is everything I would expect in a Fall/Winter collection and then some.

All Photos by

New York Fashion Week – Lela Rose

This morning I twitted that I could not wait for the Victoria Beckham show but little did I know that Lela Rose, a few hours later would knock my socks off…. Ok, I’m not wearing socks but if I were wearing socks they would have been knocked off. What a show…. what a collection.

There were very few items in the collection that I would not be able to wear. It actually seemed to me that Lela Rose had me in mind when she designed the collection. The look is feminine, elegant, timeless and luxurious.

One of my favorites is this one

Lela Rose1

The sweater (can you believe another amazing sweater?) has so much detail and yet looks effortless.  This would make the perfect outfit for a dinner party, a dinner out with the husband and perhaps even a nice evening at the theater.  It’s casual yet elegant.  Paired with slacks and you have a nice look for the office for those days when a suit is not necessary.

Then there was this dress.

Lela Rose

The different patterns look great together and give it that suit but casual look also perfect for the office.  If you put a jacket over it, you have a great “meeting” suit.  Don’t we all need that one power suit?  My idea of a power suit is one that allows me to feel so comfortable that I don’t need to think about what I’m wearing.  This dress gives me that feeling.  Amazingly easy but strong.  Makes a statement.

If it’s a coat that you’re after, look no further.  The color on this one is perfect for anywhere you want to be.  It can be worn with jeans or over any business outfit.  Because of the mustard color it gives you that little personality of your own.  You don’t have to look like a drone in order to be warm next fall.

Lela Rose4

I love the lapels on this coat.  I also love the movement it has.

I really enjoyed the evening gowns.  To be honest with you, I’m not one to own many evening gowns.  My lifestyle doesn’t call for that type of wear and I chose to instead spend my money on things that I wear more often.  Classic pieces that will last me a while so these two next dresses may be in order

Lela Rose2

I really enjoy the jewel colors.  They always make a strong statement and you can always be sure that not many other women will be wearing the same gown.  This is the perfect dress for that cocktail you may be attending.  A night on the town with your significant other or a Winter wedding.  I really like the look of the halter without having to worry about it falling off me throughout the evening (always seems to happen to me when I wear halter tops).  I also really like the look of the black sheer over it.  It gives it a 50s type look to me.  I can see Marilyn Monroe wearing this…. and who doesn’t want to feel like Marilyn once in a while?

Lela Rose3

For those occasions when you want to feel like a princess (I may even buy a tiara for this one) this is an amazing dress.  The eggshell color of the skirt and the halter in contrast to the black sheer of the top is so interesting and gives it a playful yet sexy flow.  find the length of the skirt to give it such a royal appearance.

Lela Rose apparel is sold at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales and you better believe I’m going to be keeping my eye on it.  There will be a Lela Rose in my collection soon.

I’m going to leave you with some more great pieces from this collection.  Maybe you, like me, will find something you are totally in love with.

Lela Rose5

Lela Rose6

Photos from

Tome Debuts at New York Fashion Week – One Word….. Amazing Collection

How are they going to top this one, one has to wonder.  This collection was AMAZING and yes, I totally meant to type that in all caps.  There is absolutely nothing in this collection that I did not like.  There were very few items that I would not consider wearing.  These two guys really took their time to get to know what a woman wants.  The brightness of the colors are balanced with the more subdued grays of the season and the silky look is balanced by the wools and the more heavy materials.  This collection is total perfection.

I could not pick one favorite so here I am going to post most of what I could find of the collection and you be my judge…. am I kidding?  I’m if you can find one piece you don’t love, please feel free to tell me.

Tome1 Tome2 Tome3 Tome5 Tome6 Tome7 Tome9 Tome10 Tome11 Tome12

Photos from

Prabal Gurung Ready-to-Wear Collection at New York Fashion Week


This was a great collection from Prabal Gurung.  Although not as wearable as others that I have seen and some that I am looking forward to seeing.  This collection is a great example of the maturing of a designer.  The colors in this collection, when they were present, were so vibrant that even if the clothes do not match my style I could not help but be taken in by the artistry of it all.

The oranges were brighter than I’ve ever seen and they played up the model’s skin tone just amazingly.  The hair and the makeup was done to perfection…. simple and soft letting the clothes do all the talking and sometimes these were some very loud conversations.  Take this dress for example.  It’s art at its best…..



The intricacy of the dress is not in competition with the makeup or hair on the model.  There are no distractions and you are totally taken in by the vibrant color and the work on the sleeves.  This is an example of a dress that just would not work for my body type or even my lifestyle but I would come up with a reason to get it…. think I can make it work? ok, focus, Ana, focus…..

Prabal Gurung totally proved that he can do color but in the midst of all the color were were pieces which I found to be more wearable for me in more paler tones.

There was this one



Although not something I could wear to the office, I think I could get away with with wearing it to dinner.  I would probably forego the bare leg and opt for a pair of tights and a nice heeled boot (either booties or taller boot) and accessorize with a small clutch.

There was also this one



I love the sweater (what a shocker) and the big, bulky scarf.  The bulkiness of the sweater and the scarf are balanced by the feminine flow of the skirt.  This is such a perfect balance that any woman at any age can get away with this look.

And then, there are always the coats.  I loved this one from the collection.



Great collection overall even though I could not find many pieces that would fit my body type, age and lifestyle, I can see the art in it all.  After all, what is fashion if not wearable art.


Fashion Week — Am I the only one not there?

New York Fashion Week - Photo by

New York Fashion Week – Photo by

You may wonder why it is that if I work in New York City and apparently spend most of my waking moments, during the week, in such a great city why is it that I am not posting any pictures from Fashion Week.  Yes, I know, I’ve wondered that as well.  This year I have actually given this a lot of thought.  I think I’m just intimated.  Does that sound strange?  It does to me so don’t worry if you are now thinking I’m a total loser.

Fashion Week makes me nervous.  There I said it again!!!! So here are my reasons.  Just because I’m a blogger I don’t always dress up.  My clothes don’t always match.  Actually, right now I’m wearing a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie by Gap.  I love the Gap, don’t you?  And I digress again… back to my reasons for my Fashion Week Phobia.

Have you seen the pictures?  The ones of all the bloggers running from show to show wearing the most stylish outfits EVER? Now take a moment to search for pictures of what has been going on in New York City as far as weather…. Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Are you back?  Did you see any?  Here let me help you.

images-1 images-2 images-3

Ok, now that we are all on the same page.  Can you imagine running around in heels from the office on Park Avenue to Lincoln Center?  No, it’s not horribly far but it’s not that close either and at rush hour finding a cab is possibly more difficult that actually seeing a pig fly.   In the Winter I am sort of a hibernating animal.  Going to the office is probably as much as I can stand of being outside.  This Winter has been bad for hibernating animals such as me.  Because of this allergy to Winter I tend to wrap myself up in anything I can find from head to toe and tend to stay home as much as possible.  Even the most fashionable, hard core New Yorker sometimes gets totally sick of it.  Take a look at this post from the Man Repeller (Leandra Medine) where she is cursing the weather in the greatest city in the world.  Yes, I know.  She’s there!!!!! I’m not……What is wrong with me???????? It’s time I stop wishing Winter away and start living the life I want to live.  Promise to myself.  Next year I will make it to Fashion Week.  There are plenty of fashionable things I can bundle myself up with and make an appearance.

My Makeup Bag – January 2014 Favorites

I cannot believe we are already in February.  I don’t know about you but for me it’s like this first month of 2014 just flew by.  As you may know we moved in November to a new house at the end of 2013 and my time just felt short every day.  I have more things to do than time in which to do them.  Now more than ever I feel like I need a true and trusty method and manner of doing things.  I find myself wanting to not put much thought into my regular makeup routine.  Also, because I’m a little further north than before I also find myself leaving home earlier and getting home later so in order to still get my so loved 8 hours of sleep — without my regular 8 hours I’m useless both at work and in my personal life — I am so glad that I have these favorites to fall back on.

Face — Foundation

Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup

Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup

I have been loving and reaching for this foundation every day.  Originally I thought it was because all my makeup was still packed away but I quickly realized that, although I had unpacked all my makeup and all my foundations were placed on display on top of my vanity, I was still reaching for this one more often than not.

The application is even and easy.  You cannot make a mistake with it.  Even when I’m blurry eyed and I am a bit heavy handed on the pump it’s still really easy to work the product on the face.  It’s oil free which is a plus if you have oily skin — not the reason I bought since I have normal to dry skin.  You would think that in the Winter months when the weather tends to dry my skin more, I wouldn’t like the way it looks.  There is no scent which the other foundations tend to have and sometimes early in the morning that can be an annoyance.

My color is No. 1 – Ivory.  I’m thinking in the Summer I may need a darker shade but this line comes in so many shades I don’t think it will be a problem finding the perfect one yet again.

I do have one complaint but it’s not related to the product at all.  My complaint is the packaging.  I’m not sure why or if it’s just mine…. please tell me if you have the same problem…. the inside of the cap is falling apart.  It started by cracking and now little pieces fall off every time I open the bottle.  I don’t remember ever dropping it so it’s probably a defect but I could be wrong.  Although I wish the company would fix this little issue, it’s not going to stop me from re-purchasing the product.

Face – Blush

Armani Sheer Blush

Armani Sheer Blush

I purchased this blush sometime in the Summer when I was looking for a blush to go with anything.  This is exactly what this blush does.  It’s my cheeks but better.  I wear the color No. 4 Sand.  It’s a nice fine powder but it does not make my fine lines any more noticeable.  It tends to last throughout my work day which is a definite plus for me since I don’t usually have the time to reapply makeup throughout the day and tend to run from meeting to meeting all day.

The packaging is beautiful  and black … my favorite.  It’s not a shiny package which is great because you can’t see all the finger prints and the mirror is large enough that you can see your cheeks in case you need to reapply, which we already know I don’t.  I like the magnetic closure of this product which is in line with all the other products by Armani….. doesn’t it just feel so cool to hear that click?  I think it does.

This blush is quickly turning into the one product I will be wearing all year long.  Let’s see how it will show when I am a little darker in the Summer.

Lips – Lipstick

Tom Ford Lip Color - Deep Mink

Tom Ford Lip Color – Deep Mink

Believe it or not, for the longest time I did not own a nude lip shade.  Don’t ask me why.  I always thought they looked good on everyone but I always thought they made me look dead.  Well, I found this one.  I don’t look dead at all.  It’s the perfect match for my skin tone.  It falls a little on the brown side but it’s nude enough that I can even apply it without a mirror.

The consistency is amazingly soft and creamy and the application is easy.  I don’t notice any streaks and it does not pull on the lips.  It lasts a while even allowing me to enjoy a few cups of coffee and talk at meetings without feeling like I need to run to the mirror to reapply…. yes, I’m lazy with lipstick as well.

I have one complaint about this product and it’s big enough that I don’t think I will purchase it again.  I’m going to see if I can find a similar color in a different brand and try that instead.  I don’t like the smell.  I can’t put my finger on it but it’s a chemical smell which at times I swear I can smell in my food.  What I have started doing is wiping off all the lipstick before I eat just so I don’t taste or smell it.  I could probably live with it if it dissipated but I don’t find that it does.  Let me know if you have found the same annoyance.

Eyes – Shadow

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre - Eblouis

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre – Eblouis

Honestly I’m not sure if this color has been discontinued.  I bought mine about two years ago and for a while and wore it to death then for some reason I stopped wearing color on my lids.  It’s just got to be a pain with all the fine lines and the creasing.  I just got totally discouraged.  This month I discovered it again.  Maybe because it’s winter and my eyelids are not as greasy as they tend to be in the Summer, I don’t notice the creasing at all.  I like that it’s easy to apply, I tend to apply it with my ring finger but I have also used a Mac brush and it works well…. like I said, every minute of sleep counts so if I can apply makeup with the tools that God gave me I’m all for it.  I love the look it gives.  It looks a little scary but it’s actually a really soft purple color.  I have brown eyes so the purple tones tend to bring out the browns more.  Makes my eyes look darker and for some reason, maybe I’m just nuts, makes them look bigger also.

I’ve read on many sites that these tend to dry up quickly.  I have not found that at all.  I keep mine in a drawer upside down and I’ve had them for at least two years.  There is a lot of product in each of the tubs which makes me happy.  I hope they don’t dry out since I love them so much.

Eyes – Mascara

Chanel Le Velume De Chanel

Chanel Le Velume De Chanel

I think I have said it on my occasions that I am in love with this mascara.  For a long time Chanel could not make mascaras to save their lives.  I hated every formula they made.  Some were too clumpy, some were too runny… this one is just right.  Hahahah what story does that remind you of?  Yeah, I love this formula.  I like that it separates and makes my lashes thicker.  I don’t really care about length since my lashes are pretty long already but I want them to be darker, more defined and thicker and this mascara does all those things.

I am worried about one thing.  As of the writing of this post I checked on line and the website is claiming this to be a limited edition product…… I’m freaking out.  If that’s the case, I must run and buy one or two more.  This is definitely that one product I cannot be without.